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Beauty In the Middle - Exhibition

The MATCH International Women’s Fund and the Nobel Women’s Initiative (NWI) are partnering with the School of the Photographic Arts of Ottawa (SPAO) to bring world-acclaimed photo exhibit, Beauty in the Middle: Women of Congo Speak Out to SAW Gallery in Ottawa.

As the centrepiece of SPAO's 2015 Photography Symposium, "The Shrinking World of Photography", we are using this unique opportunity to generate support for the Fond pour les Femmes Congolaises (FFC). Julienne Lusenge, founder and director of the FFC and fearless activist in the Congolese women’s movement, will present the exhibit, speaking about how the organization supports grassroots women’s rights organizations that promote and defend the rights of women and girls in communities throughout DRC.

The MATCH Fund, NWI, and SPAO are committed to channeling 100% of funds raised from this event directly to the FFC, providing critical funding to grassroots organizations working to advance the rights of women and girls in Democratic Republic of Congo.

For tickets: http://www.gifttool.com/registrar/ShowEventDetails?ID=2131&EID=19021

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