Host the Beauty in the Middle Exhibition

Thank you for your interest in hosting the travelling Beauty in the Middle photo exhibition. Beauty in the Middle: Women of Congo Speak Out presents the story of the conflict in eastern Democratic Republic of Congo and the women grassroots activists who have mobilized against incredible odds to end rape, and find a way to justice and peace.

In February 2014, the International Campaign to Stop Rape & Gender Violence in Conflict travelled to eastern Democratic Republic of Congo with award-winning photographer Pete Muller (Time Magazine, National Geographic, New York Times), and filmmakers Jon Bougher and Kohl Threlkeld, to capture the work of grassroots women activists. Stories were captured in Bunia, Beni and surrounding area (North Kivu), Bukavu and surrounding area (South Kivu).

During the Campaign delegation, Nobel Peace Laureate Leymah Gbowee was asked by a journalist what she witnessed in eastern Congo. Leymah said that she saw a lot of violence and conflict, and sexual violence. But within this context of violence, embedded in every story was another story: women came to support the survivors.  Women activists take survivors to the hospital, help them push their case in the courts, or even just rub their back and hold their baby. Within the context of all of this conflict and violence, these women are the Beauty in the Middle.

This unique exhibition features a collection of photographs and videos telling the stories of these women – both activists and survivors – in a visual and powerful way. The exhibit illustrates how conflict and sexual violence significantly impact the lives of women in the DRC, every day.

Available to tour national and international galleries and cultural spaces, the Beauty in the Middle Photo Exhibition provides an opportunity to bring together survivors and activists, government officials, NGO development agencies and other agents of social change. Few will leave unaffected – and many will be inspired to take action for change.

Media Acclaim

The Guardian: Taking action against sexual violence in the DRC – in pictures 

Thompson Reuters: A Photographer finds beauty amid Congo’s rape crisis 

Exhibition Detailed Description

·       45 photographs, mounted

·       2 videos (approximately 10 mins and 12 mins long)

·       5 wire mounted information panels

·       2 entrance banners

·       Brochures, postcards or other information about the exhibit available upon request

Exhibition Costs

Rental fee

No rental fees are charged for hosting this exhibit.

Mounting costs

The cost to mount the exhibition will vary depending on your venue. A minimum of approximately 150 linear feet of wall space is required. The cost of mounting the exhibit will increase if the venue requires the erection of walls. Other considerations are lighting, multimedia equipment, carpeting, and transport of the exhibition. When mounting the exhibit in London in a venue that required all of these, the equipment costs were around $29,000 USD, plus labour. A detailed breakdown of these costs can be provided upon request.

Shipping costs

The borrower is responsible for door-to-door transportation of the exhibit to the next venue using a shipper as determined by the Nobel Women’s Initiative.  In some cases, round-trip shipping to the offices of the Nobel Women's Initiative may be required. Shipping costs vary by destination and you will need to contact the Nobel Women's Initiative for an estimate. As an example, shipping from Canada to the UK costs approximately $4800 USD.

The crate is –

·       30” x 43” and has a height of 30” and

·       weight 293 lbs or 13 kilos.

The borrower is also responsible for shipping insurance.


Borrowers must carry and show proof of insurance on the exhibition from the moment the exhibition comes into the borrower’s property to the moment the exhibition leaves the borrower’s property. The exhibition must be insured for a minimum of $4,999.75 CAD (the replacement value of the photos).

Revenues from the Exhibition

The borrower is entitled to keep all revenues generated from hosting the exhibition.

For more Information

For more information or to request this exhibit, please contact:

Rachel Vincent
Director, Media & Communications of the Nobel Women’s Initiative
Tel: +1 (613) 569-8400 x 113  

View more of Pete Muller’s work at

The International Campaign to Stop Rape & Gender Violence in Conflict unites organizations and individuals into a powerful and coordinated effort for change. Together the Campaign demands bold political leadership to prevent rape in conflict, to protect civilians and rape survivors, and call for justice for all—including effective prosecution of those responsible.