Beauty in the Middle: Women of the Congo Speak Out

BIM Graphic

The Nobel Women's Initiative and the International Campaign to Stop Rape & Gender Violence in Conflict are proud to launch our online multimedia exhibit, Beauty in the Middle: Women of Congo Speak Out!

The exhibition tells the inspiring stories of both Congolese women activists and survivors of sexual violence, mobilizing against incredible odds to end rape and find a way to justice and peace. View the powerful images of award-winning photographer Pete Muller and hear the women of Congo speak out through films by Artefact Creative.

Meet women like Solange Lwashiga Furaha, who brings together female leaders to hold the Congolese government accountable for its commitments to gender equality and include women at the peace table; Neema Namadamu, who uses digital media to amplify the voices of women demanding peace—providing digital and internet literacy training on sharing their stories with a global audience; and Julienne Lusenge, who leads a coalition of grassroots women’s groups providing direct support to sexual violence survivors and helping them navigate the justice system.

Amidst the constant threat of sexual violence, armed conflict and instability in the Democratic Republic of Congo, these remarkable women have dedicated their lives to improving the lives of other women. These women are the Beauty in the Middle.